10 Best Shopping Paradises In Kenya You Will Love To Explore

Kenya sports some great shopping malls which will attract anybody, and are perfect for hanging around. Let’s see some of these fabulous places.

1. Village Market, Nairobi: Located in Gigiri, Nairobi, Village Market is an upscale shopping mall sprawling over an area of 20,000 sq ft. Two Kenyan brothers started this market in 1995 which has 150 stores. Starting from tourist and ending in casual visitors, village market is a favorite destination for all. You get a broad range of choice from fashion accessories, electronic equipment, and African artifacts. One of the events that interest me is the traditional dance that takes place here. Starting from recreational facilities, food court, food stores and some promotional events that take place throughout the year, this shopping mall attracts visitors from all walks of life. Diplomats and expatriates love to spend evenings and weekends in this mall.

2. West Gate Mall, Nairobi: Opened in 2007, West Gate Mall is one of the finest shopping centers in Nairobi. Situated at Westlands, this mall suffered the worst terrorist attack ever in 2013, claiming a large number of lives, and wrecking the mall altogether. Kudos to the spirit of the Kenyans, the mall again rose with its head held high in 2015. Be it branded accessories, eateries, African artifacts, electrical gadgets, food joints or some zonal offices; you can find everything in the mall. It’s a fantastic place to hang around with friends. You will find traditional African attire, artifacts and other objects of interest.

3. Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi: Inaugurated in 2017 by President Uhuru Kenyatta, this mall is one of the latest in Kenya. Sprawling over an area of 11 acres, it’s one of the largest malls in sub-Saharan Africa. The mall proudly showcases global fashion leaders like LC Waikiki, Swarovski, Carrefour, and Zara. You may enjoy a cup of coffee in Attibassi or get entertained in Magic Planet.

4. Nakumatt Nyali, Mombasa: Situated beside Nyali Bridge, this mall is one of the biggest in Mombasa. Open 24 hours a day, Nakumatt Nyali is a major attraction for both visitors and residents. Sporting various well-known brands, Nakumatt Nyali is a great place to hang around on the weekends. Nakumatt is a famous Kenyan supermarket chain which has three branches all over East Africa that attract buyers of all profile. You may halt here for a sumptuous lunch and then carry on with your site seeing activity while you are in Mombasa.

5. Akamba Handicraft, Mombasa: If you are fond of home décor, never miss a visit to Akamba Handicraft. Established in 1917, Mutisya Muge started selling his carvings to the army men. Today it has almost 100 workers and 2800 active members. It has some mesmerizing collection of animal carvings, decorative carvings, masks and ornaments, human sculptures, functional carvings and abstract art. The mind-boggling artwork will get a permanent place in your dining hall to impress your guests.

6. Sarit Center, Nairobi: Sarit Center is one of the city’s busiest shopping centers. Situated in the heart of Westlands, Nairobi, this shopping mall will impress you with the list of national and international brands showcased. The ongoing culture show, exhibition and promotional events conducted here are the main attraction for any visitor. If you are fond of sweets, savory and Indian spices, then your hunt ends here. A perfect place to spend weekends, Sarit Center is one of the most desired places to quench one’s shopping spree.

7. Diamond Plaza, Nairobi: Situated in Nairobi, Diamond Plaza is a luxurious shopping complex which accommodates a 22 story building, six cinema lounges, restaurants, and cafe. Diamond Plaza is one of the oldest and biggest shopping centers known to each Kenyan for the boulevard of the international brands it displays. The unique plan, design, and architecture of the building once took the media by storm. You will find various food courts, food stores, offices and other recreational activities.

8. Diani Beach Shopping Center, Diani Beach: Located on Diani Beach, Mombasa, this is one of the famous shopping centers of Kenya. Having a plethora of shopping options, the Diani Beach shopping mall has one of the best collections of accessories, food courts, and electronic gadgets. If you are a visitor in Kenya, never miss a chance to visit Diani beach for a sumptuous lunch break.

9. TRM, Thika Road: TRM mall in Thika is one of the modern state-of-the-art shopping malls of present times. Having a collection of international and national brands, TRM is one of the busiest hubs during the weekends. Come to shop for your wedding or might be for a movie, TRM will entertain you with all possible facilities.

10. West End Shopping Mall, Kisumu: If you are in Kisumu, never miss the opportunity to chill in the west end shopping mall. You will surely appreciate the enormous collection of international and domestic brands or may indulge yourself in the pleasures of having an excellent meal at the food court. You will be amazed to find the myriad of artifacts, paintings, sculptures, books, and merchandise.

Kenya is a perfect combination of amazing wildlife, excellent hospitality, and modern accessories. It preserves both modernity and primitive tribal life with utter perfection. Kenya and its treasured assets coupled with the hospitality and warmth of its people are unforgettable. And as far as shopping is concerned, you have the best of the malls here to quench your shopping spree.

The Ultimate Sinful Tour of Paris – I Missed Some, You Don’t

The capital city of France, Paris known to be the most romantic city in the world also happens to be the sinful seductress! Paris’ nightlife is one of the most vivacious in the world with the most famous cabarets that mesmerize millions of revelers who visit the city every year. The city offers everything, from art and culture to historical imprints, but you all already know about it and are probably bored of them by now! So well we are taking you to Paris because it is “Las Vegas” of the Europe and show you how big boys (and sassy gals!) do this city and while we are talking “sin”, the French food cannot be skipped. So right after the Paris Adult attractions, we take you straight on the sinful French gourmet tour you just don’t want to miss!
Moulin Rouge… the birthplace of Cabaret

Moulin Rouge was opened by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler back in 1889. During that time Paris was the hub of creativity and the city was going through the phase people call “one of the best times in Paris”. It is believed that Moulin Rouge was the place where cabaret originated. This seductive dance was done by the show girls who used to live and perform in Moulin Rouge. The interiors of the establishment boast of huge floor to wall mirrors, expensive chandeliers, plush carpets, huge floor for dancing and spectacular showgirls. The environment inside the establishment becomes totally electrifying and ecstatic when the show is on. Even in these digital times Moulin Rouge receives a footfall of 1000 guests per night.

Lido de Paris… the Classier Moulin Rouge

Lido de Paris is probably the most famous establishment after Moulin Rouge. It is situated at Champs-Elysees, one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Paris, particularly in the night. Lido is famous for its dance and musical shows. Every night, it hosts shows where showgirls are dressed up in the most exotic and exquisite costumes. The interior of Lido is also very extravagant and posh, adorned with bright colors and old world decor. The lighting and the sound effects are captivating. The stage and set changes almost about 60 times right in front of the audiences! The oval shape of the hall ensures that everyone has a good view. They also have shows where kids are allowed, but expect nudity in them too, though they don’t look vulgar. Earlier Lido used to be a black tie event but these days they allow you in without it. But they are particular about dressing so dump your denims for the night at Lido.

Au Lapin Agile… The Nimble Rabbit

Adult entertainment just does not cease in romantic Paris! Au Lapin Agile is another vintage joint for cabaret. Many famous people were regular visitors here and we are talking about the likes of Toulouse-Latrec, Modigliani, Utrillo and Picasso. The translation of the name Au Lapin Agile means the nimble rabbit which got its name from a painting where a rabbit is jumping out of a heated pan. During 1905 Pablo Picasso painted a picture which helped in the publicity of the establishment. The name of the painting was ‘At the Lapin Agile’. Well if Adult Activities in Paris are on your mind, then just step in! Did we mention that this place still retains the evidence of eccentric characters of Paris who visited here? They are there in form of names carved in the wooden tables and they did it themselves!

Paradis Latin… Napoleon’s Personal Theatre of Dance

Now we are on to the next Cabaret haunt which is also one of the oldest in the Latin Quarter, so located centrally. Here you would find the shows very intriguing as most of the male and female artists perform completely naked. However the dancing and artistic references are not always filled with sexual innuendos, it is more like an adult circus. Quite a Cool thing to see In Paris for Adults! Paradis Latin was built in 1803 under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte. Famous writers like Alexandre Dumas and Balzac were frequent visitors to this place.

Crazy Horse Cabaret… Go Crazy with the Tease

There are cabarets in Paris where you can see stage performances by naked dancers, moving and swaying their body in a classy yet seductive manner nad crazy horse is one of them. The iconic Crazy Horse was opened for the public in 1951. These dances are indeed provocative yet this is one of the most sophisticated cabaret clubs in Paris and well reputed too. Famous celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Dita von Teese have also performed on the dance floor of the Crazy Horse.

Cesar Palace Cabaret

If you want a taste of Paris nightlife then look no beyond the César Palace Cabaret that not only packs some sensual cabaret moves but also mind boggling acrobatic maneuvers. Traditional cancan girls dressed up elegantly perform in the shows here. And that is not all… they top up the wonderment with some super sumptuous three course french meal as well! They host the two hour show that does not let you blink your eyes. Talk of tantalizing, think of César Palace Cabaret!

Tell us you are breathless! Well we have surely given you some extra reasons to make Paris your next destination. I mean romance is passé’, it is time to get naughty!

And just like we had promised, let us take you to the next section that is going to be even more sinful, but in a different way- the French food!

Laudrey Pastry shop… the best macaroons in the entire Paris

Laduree is a famous pastry shop which is famous for selling one of the tastiest and vibrant coloured macaroons in Paris. Yep we are talking Paris Desserts here! Back in 1862, Louis Ernest Ladurée had established this small time bakery; sadly the bakery got gutted due to fire after 9 years. It was erected again but this time the shop was full time Pastry shop. Later on a tea shop was also made next to the Laduree store and now if you visit you would be able to enjoy the wonders of both of the stores.

Berthilon.. The Sweet Lovers’ Paradise

Paris is heaven for food lovers but we all know that. The trick is to find the best amongst the best. This is why best way to travel Paris is on foot where you will find a food store or a restaurant within every two steps of your journey. The most well known and famous ice cream parlor and sorbet shop the Berthilon is a treat for all the people who love like it sweet and chilled. This place was opened in 1954. This ice cream parlor serves more than 70 flavors and people swear by the aroma when you step inside the shop. Make sure that you definitely taste the strawberry sorbet here. Berthilon is definitely one of the best places to eat in Paris.

58 Tour Eiffel Tower… offering a larger than life experience

When you are in Paris, going and experiencing the 58 Tour Eiffel Tower has to be on your things to do in Paris. This is a restaurant situated on the first floor of the Eiffel tower. When you sit inside you get a lovely and “as-far-as the eye goes” panoramic view of Trocadero part of the city. The other side of the restaurant shows the interiors of the Eiffel tower’s mesh work. The restaurant serves typical French brasserie food. The restaurant offers a 2 to 3 course style food picnic for lunch. During the evening you can experience the traditional French cuisine inside the restaurant with the lights dimmed and grand view of the city lights coming alive in a distance.

Le Ombres Restaurant… Experience the Fusion of Flavours

If exploring Paris Food Culture is on your wish list then there is no way you can miss Le Ombres Restaurant. This restaurant is famous for its architecture, the beautiful view of Eiffel Tower and the special menu set by Chef Jean-François Oyon, a two starrer Michelin chef. He was announced as the Chef of the year by Le Chef Magazine. So it goes without saying that the food quality in this restaurant is really good and it serves traditional French cuisine with exquisite flavors and ingredients, served like an art on the plate. We bet you can’t have enough of it!

Latelier-des-Chefs-Cooking-School… Go a little French!

LAtelier-des- Chefs-Cooking- School is a famous cooking school in Paris, with its branches in around 14 locations located all over France. Six of the cooking schools are situated in Paris. Guinea fowl with baby gem, peas, mustard and ratte potatoes is a fowl breast recipe that is served with green salad is one of the most loved dishes taught in the school. The other popular delicacies are lamb with minted crushed potatoes, broad beans and wild mushroom sauce, and roasted lamb with fennel puree and potatoes. The chief agenda behind establishing the school was to motivate French students to take up the art of cooking as a career. Recently it has also opened its doors to visitors of different nationalities to learn French style cooking.

How to reach

Paris is very well connected by air from all the major cities in the world.

Where to stay in Paris

Paris has an amazing array of options when it comes to accommodation. Here are our top picks across the budget spectrum, so whether you are on a tight budget or looking for luxurious indulgence we have it all here.Or you many simply type Paris in the nice little hotel search box given here for a complete list of hotels.

So this was the seductive and sinful Paris tour. So what are you waiting for, pack your bag and indulge in some naughty pleasures of life!

You Would NEVER Guess – A Windy City Where East Meets West

Baku Boulevard… hugs the breezy seafront

Constructed in the beginning of 20th Century the Baku Boulevard is one of the most modern western features of the city. This wide stretch of side path is flocked with people from all around the world. Visitors frequent the kiosks and small sea facing cafeterias along the Sunset Boulevard of the city. This sidewalk is so breezy that the wind whirls through the hail locks even while jogging and cycling. It is popular amongst Couples who visit here to celebrate their anniversary on cable cars along the boulevard. Playground and other entertainment are also available here, in case you have a kid or two in the tow!

Old City Baku… the hub of culture, history, and tradition

This spot ranks first in World heritage sites under the UNESCO. Explore the cinematic streets of the Old Baku City that is abundant with age-old architectural buildings that are being redesigned. The old city is essentially the home of palaces like that of the Shrivanshahs and Maiden Tower. You can hire a guide to trace your ancient trail to the depths of the city.

Yanar Dag… the land of fire

The legend goes that this gas vent was mistakenly lit by a shepherd who had been smoking. The inception of the 20th century has seen the natural gas reserves being deeply drilled that led to the extinguishing of most of the same. However, amidst all the sleeping gas flame reserves, Yanar Dag is the only one that is still awake. Its rarity makes the tourists crowd this spot. It is also famed as the Fire Mountain.

Azerbaijan Carpet Museum… storehouse of the finest carpets

This Museum site is situated at the very center of Azerbaijan and should be listed in top Things to do in Baku if you are planning to visit. The showcasing of the world’s best carpet and rug collection will surely have its magnetic effect on you. The visitors walk along the polished halls that are filled with vibrant colored carpets depicting the evolution of the city’s history. And the museum building itself is a site- its in the shape of a rolled white and gold carpet, absolutely impossible to miss!

Bibi-Heybat Mosque… the favorite of Alexander Dumas

Built by the famous Shirvanshah Farrukhzad II Ibn Ahsitan II, the mosque of Bibi-Heybat is truly a marvel that will leave you gawking! This beautiful mosque had appealed to Alexandre Dumas to an extent that he nicknamed it as the mosque of Fatima. Resurrected after the destruction, the newly built mosque is today’s spiritual epicenter for all the Muslim natives of the country. Can you imagine, that it was rebuilt based on the testimonials descriptions of travelers and the available pictures?!

Flame Towers… the iconic skyscrapers

These towers are the most important symbols and landmark of Baku. This modern feature is located on a hilltop with the view of both the Baku Bay and the Old City of Baku. The new flame-like structures saw completion only in 2012. It is highly influenced by the fire worship practice that has been famous in Azerbaijan from the ancient times. The view of the towers is absolutely stunning with its transparent bluish tinge complementing the sky itself. If you are planning on a king size vacation you can also arrange your stay in the Fairmont Baku Hotel inside the Flame Towers.

Fountains Square… the throbbing heart of Baku Downtown

The Fountain Square is extremely popular amongst visitor all around the globe for its vivacious entertainment culture. This spot is sure to give you a fun packed experience with all the lip-smacking food of the local cafes, gourmet restaurants. You can also take away souvenirs for loved ones back at home. This plaza is lined with luscious green trees and beautiful fountains that run throughout the Fountain Square. Finding the city’s pulse is a cake walk for any traveler since it’s centrally located. Do not miss it in the night, when the fountains are illuminated giving a surreal feel and effect to this place.

Maiden Tower… the iconic building
Similar to the Old City of Baku, the Maiden Tower has also been listed by the UNESCO as one of the world heritage sites. Giz Galasi, the famous local wall city of Baku is home to this iconic architectural structure. Posing as the most differentiating feature jutting out at the clear skyline, Maiden Tower is crowded frequently with travelers. The top of the tower gives an exquisite view of the Sea and insight into ancient times of Baku.

Martyr’s Lane… a memorial to Azerbaijan heroes

It has been built as a token of respect to the civilians that died for their country during the independence movement of Azerbaijan. It was built over the burial ground that is home to around 15000 heroes. The lane sides are adorned with walls made of marble that bears the martyr’s name engraved in gold. An ever lit flame rises from the middle of the memorial signifying the remembrance of the gone by Heroes. Many citizens and visitor pass by to pay their homage.

Palace of Shrivanshahs… the nostalgic trail

The Palace of Shivanshahs breathes of the ancient times of the 1400’s. This palace gives its visitors ample scope to get an in-depth idea about the cultural and architectural roots. It is segregated into 5 sections. The colossal network of white, is breathtaking site and a splendid part of Azerbaijan’s history.

This was the tour of Baku and we were quite surprised that the city itself had so much to offer- architectural splendors and marvelous city vibe. This time of the year is probably the best time to make it to Baku, as the summers are departing and chilly winters are still a while away.

How To Reach

By Air: Baku is well connected and has Heydar Aliyev International Airport which is 16 miles (25 km) away from the city center. Almost all major airlines service this airport.

By Rail: Russia and Ukraine have rail connections with Baku. The trip takes about three nights and is advisable if you have time!

By Road: Baku is connected by road to many international destinations like Turkey and Iran.

Where to Stay

Baku has many options when it comes to accommodation. Simply type Baku in the nice little hotel search box given here and unlock Baku Accommodation!

The Most Picturesque Place in Los Angeles Is the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Los Angeles is primarily associated with Hollywood, and Hollywood – with the stars, so it’s not surprising that the Hollywood Walk of Fame is rightly considered the most popular tourist spot of the city. Annually more than 10 million tourists walk along on those stars, delighted and thrilled to be reading the names of idols, immortalized in stone slabs of the sidewalk for the glory of the entertainment industry. As well as it is necessary any sight “with a name”, at the Alley of stars – the long, various and rather interesting history, continuing to be created till this day: new “stars” are put here approximately twice a month.

A bit of history

The star alley did not arise at all spontaneously: the idea of creating a new attraction belonged to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce – both as a means of maintaining public celebrity fame, and as a way to provide the city’s budget with additional income. Originally the plan was to use a brass caricature instead of a star with the actor’s name written in it, but the execution of it proved to be quite complicated and expensive. Therefore, the City Hall of Hollywood decided not to philosophize slyly, and took as a sample an ordinary five pointed star, “drawing” it from the ceiling of the hotel “Hollywood”.

The stars include, in addition to the name of the celebrity, one of five icons: a movie camera, a TV, a phonograph, a radio microphone and two masks, thus indicating to which area of show business the owner of the star belongs.

The first commemorative plate appeared on the Alley of Stars in 1958. More precisely, these were the eight first plates from 1550 celebrities chosen by members of the Chamber of Commerce, who in the future were to be awarded their “star”. Since 1960, the regular laying of plates began, which continues to this day. However, the history of the Mall knows many defeats: in the 1960s and 1970s there was almost a fifteen-year stagnation complicated by legal proceedings, and then the heyday began again. Today the Avenue of Stars has more than 2500 registered plates.

The bookmarking of the name “star” on the Star Alley is not at all free: the lucky recipient of the nominal plate is to pay 30 thousand USD of “organizational expenses”.

What to see

The alley of stars is one of the “longest” attractions: its total length is more than 18 city blocks! The main part stretches 15 blocks along the Hollywood Boulevard, and since its length was clearly not designed for the numerous representatives of bohemia, there is also a three-quarter “tail” of the Mall on Vine Street. To see them all are capable only of inveterate fans of show business, so before you go to Alley, it makes sense to go to the official site of the site and find out the exact location of the “star” idol.

“Address” of the name plate is indicated by the exact address of the building opposite to which it is located.

Some very prominent representatives of the entertainment industry have two stars on the Walk of the Stars: for example, John Lennon, Ringo Star and George Harrison are immortalized as members of The Beatles and as solo performers. And in exceptional cases, the Stars also marked stars that do not fall under any of the categories of show business – for example, Muhammad Ali (in his case, the Committee equated boxing fights of an outstanding athlete to a theatrical art).

And of course, there were mythical characters: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White and Dwarfs, Shrek, The Simpsons and many other cartoon characters are on a par with the names of real people.

The ceremony of star setting

It’s quite easy to get to the ceremony of bookmarking a star’s plate of a star: it is enough to get acquainted with the schedule of events on the Avenue of Stars website in advance and come early. Ceremonies usually begin at 11:30 and last about 45 minutes. The entrance is free; you need to consider that you can not climb anything (satellite companions, chair or ladder). An indispensable condition for bookmarking a “star” is the personal presence of a celebrity.

Interesting Facts About The Bollywood City Mumbai

There are many popular cities in India, but there is one which catches the fancy of the majority of people from Indian and abroad. Well, the entertainment capital of the nation encloses some interesting and fun facts in its treasure box too!

Today, let us peep through some exciting facts about the popular city Mumbai and enhance our knowledge about the place. Make sure you learn them and also share the information.

• Did you know the Mumbai city was used as dowry! Yes, you read it right. During the year 1661, Portuguese ruled Mumbai. Back then, Mumbai was known as Bombay. The Bombay city was given to the England as a dowry during the marriage of England’s King Charles II with the Portugal Princess Catherine de Braganza. It is indeed an interesting instance to know!
• Weird name stories of iconic Navi Mumbai places. We think that the name of any place has some past behind. Well, not in case of Mumbai as you will be surprised to know – there is no church or gate in Churchgate railway station, Queen Victoria never stayed in Victoria terminus, Bhendi Bazaar has nothing in relation to Bhendi or okra, there are no ironsmiths found in or around Lohaar Chawl. Quite astonishing!
• Navi Mumbai houses the expensive slum area of the world. It is true folks! Dharavi is one of the biggest slum areas counted in the entire world, and it is the most expensive at the same time. If you are planning to build a house in this area, you will have to spend at the least 3 lakhs! Ahem Ahem!
• Long coastline of Mumbai. It is another extremely surprising to know that the Mumbai’s coastline extends to more than 149 kms. Yes, it is absolutely right! When you drive through this gorgeous coastline, you will come across lovely beaches, rivers, wetlands, stunning backgrounds and lots more. Make your outing plan right away!
• Not to forget the worth-mentioning Dabbahwallas of Mumbai. Well, they are the lifeline of Mumbaikars. They have the highest rating under Six Sigma concept, and are also researched by the students from all over the great. Surely, they are the pride of the Mumbai city and we are absolutely proud of them.

These were some of the hidden facts of the Mumbai city. There are still many, which you can explore by visiting the city. Make your plans now! Have a great time ahead!